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2019 Mock Trial Winners

The Doane Stuart School 2019 Rensselaer County Mock Trial Champions with Supreme Court Justice Richard J. McNally, Jr. along with co-coordinators Jessica Mocerine and Jennifer Shatz

For information on the New York State Bar Association Mock Trial Tournament please visit:

For information on the Rensselaer County Mock Trial Tournament please contact Jessica B. Mocerine, Esq., at or Jennifer C. Shatz, Esq., at, Co-Coordinators.

2020 High School Mock Trial Tournament

The New York State Bar Association’s Law, Youth & Citizenship Program and the New York Bar Foundation, in conjunction with the Rensselaer County Bar Association, are pleased to announce that New York’s Annual High School Mock Trial Tournament for senior high school students (grades 9-12) will be held this winter. General coordination of the activities is being provided by the New York State Bar Association’s Law, Youth & Citizenship Program.

IMPORTANT DATES (discussed further below):

– Wednesday, November 27, 2019: deadline for submitting entry form

– Wednesday, December 4, 2019: at 4:00 PM at the Rensselaer County Courthouse: orientation meeting for teacher/coaches


Senior high schools in Rensselaer County wishing to participate may enter a single team of at least eight students, headed by one or more teacher-coaches. Other students can participate by serving as back-ups to members of the school’s first team. Junior high school students (grade 8 or below) will not be eligible for this year’s tournament. We recommend that a team have several additional students to act as substitutes, when the need arises.

Selection of team members (three attorneys, three witnesses), two back-ups, and the coach/coaches are the responsibility of the school, as is transportation to and from the contest sites. The Tournament is open to all students currently in grades 9-12. If a school chooses to limit student participation for reasons of supervision or safety, this should be accomplished through an equitable try-out system, not through disallowing participation by one or more entire grades. Each team entered in the Mock Trial Competition is expected to conduct several practice sessions prior to the contest.


The 2020 New York State High School Mock Trial Tournament will be a two-round elimination tournament (each team will compete in at least two rounds, once as plaintiff/prosecution and once as defendant). Lawyers or trial judges will preside over the enactments in each contest round. Conducting a statewide tournament will require that the local competitions begin in early February so that the regional tournament can be held at the Rensselaer County Courthouse on Saturday, April 25, 2020.

The State Finals will be held in Albany May 17-19, 2020.


If a team does not have an attorney advisor, the Rensselaer County Bar Association will attempt to secure one for any participating team. He or she will be available to assist the teacher-coaches as well as members of the team preparing for their trial enactments.

Wednesday December 4, 2019, at 4:00 PM, an orientation session for teacher-coaches will be held at the Rensselaer County Courthouse in the first-floor rotunda. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY. This meeting will feature a briefing on changes, if any, in contest rules and procedures, a blind drawing to determine sides in the first two trials, and distribution of tournament materials. Please bring with you your school’¬ôs vacation schedule, as we will need that to schedule the trials.


Each school entering the tournament will receive materials, as follows:

  1. A statement of the facts of the case
  2. A set of witness statements
  3. A discussion of rules of evidence and legal sources
  4. A description of rules, policies & procedures governing the Tournament
  5. A list of participating teams and teacher-coaches
  6. A calendar of Tournament trial dates
  7. An agreement to abide by the Tournament Rules, for your signature

The materials specified in items 1 through 4 and additional supporting information will be made available at once the case is released.


Members of each participating team will receive a commemorative certificate acknowledging their participation in the 2020 Tournament. In addition, a special certificate will also be awarded to each winning team member for the county and regional tournaments. In recognition of outstanding achievement, certificates will be presented in Albany to all schools that compete in the Finals of the 2020 New York Statewide High School Mock Trial Tournament. The first and second place teams in the final round will each receive a plaque acknowledging their achievement and placement in the State Finals, which will be sent to their respective schools.


An entry form is attached which must be received by us by no later than: Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Please submit your entry form by email or fax to Jennifer Shatz. Contact information is below.

We look forward to your school’s participation in this outstanding educational program.

Very truly yours,
Jessica Mocerine and Jennifer Shatz
Rensselaer County Mock Trial Tournament

Jennifer Shatz, Esq.
Principal Law Clerk to
Hon. Patrick J. McGrath
Supreme Court Justice
80 Second Street
Troy, New York 12180

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