2018 Rensselaer County Mock Trial Tournament

This year Rensselaer County had five area high schools competing: Catholic Central High School, Columbia High School, The Doane Stuart School, Emma Willard School and La Salle Institute.

Co-Coordinators Olivia Karis-Nix, Esq., and Jessica B. Mocerine, Esq., wish to express their gratitude to those who served as judges: County Court Judge Debra Young, County Court Judge Jennifer Sober, City Court Judge Carmelo Laquidara, Anne Coonrad, Esq., Arthur Frost, Esq., Linda Johnston, Esq., Keith Muse, Esq., and Jennifer Shatz, Esq.

Thank you to the following attorneys who served as legal advisors to some of the participating schools: Frederick Brodie, Esq., Cynthia LaClair, Esq., Joseph Spadola, Esq., and Timothy Tippins, Esq.

A special thanks to the Honorable Jennifer Sober for judging our finals held on March 15, 2018, between Columbia High School and Emma Willard School. Columbia High School was our County Champion and will move on to the Regionals to be held on April 15, 2017, in Columbia County.

Also thank you to Richard Reilly, Chief Clerk of the Rensselaer County Courthouse and courthouse staff for all of their assistance during the tournament.

If any member is interested in serving as a legal advisor to one of the local high schools for next year’s tournament, please contact Olivia Karis-Nix, Esq., at okarisni@nycourts.gov

or Jessica Mocerine, Esq., at jmocerin@nycourts.gov

The Columbia High School Mock Trial Team and Rensselaer County Court Judge Jennifer Sober

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